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5-3-1 Challenge 10% OFF with Coerver Colorado

Register today with coupon code GOBBLE18 and SAVE 10% from our Thanksgving tournament, the 5-3-1 Challenge. DETAILS The 5-3-1 Challenge is a unique, fast-paced soccer competition that provides wonderful tests of players' skills and ability to handle the small group situations which are the building blocks of team play. Teams of 6 to 8 players play a series of 40 minute matches consisting of three segments: A 16 minute (5v5 game) An 8 minute (3v3 game) Six 1 minute (1v1 games) in The Pit. The Coerver 5-3-1 Challenge, over Thanksgiving Weekend, is Colorado's most unusual soccer competition. Based on our popular 5-3-1 summer camp activity, the 5-3-1 Challenge brings great value; more play for much less than the indoor soccer events that weekend. And parents really like that it's one day, not the whole weekend.
Expires: Sep. 17th, 2018

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